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We’ve been giving the greatest audio-visual and automation solutions in the Essex County, N J area  since 2004 and haven’t stopped improving our services. Throughout our 15 years in service, our top priority is to meet our clients’ demands by providing great service, high-quality equipment, expert labor, and the long-term support they require.

We use current technologies to assist individuals to improve their lives and perform better in whatever situation they are in. You can expect our professional team to continue to better themselves and their skills to perform to support our objective of client-centric culture and the most trusted AV Installers in Millburn, NJ

More than just AV Providers in Millburn, NJ

Here are our AV Installation services to meet your needs!

Residential AV Installation

Home Automation

Home Automation is the automated and computerized control of household features, activities, and appliances. We’ll show you how to utilize the Internet to manage your home’s utilities and functions, making life easier and more secure while also saving money on household expenses.

Home Theater Design Installation

Allow us to help you create a cinematic experience in your own home. This is a type of home entertainment audio-visual system that uses consumer electronics-grade video and audio technology to try to reproduce the feel and ambiance of a movie theater in a private home’s room or backyard.

TV Installation

Let us assists you in having a great TV viewing experience and enjoying your favorite movies and shows and home!

TV Mounting Service

For a sleek, clean installation, we may mount your TV on the wall, run all connections and wires in-wall, or install the removable plastic molding. From conventional drywall to brick or concrete, your TV may be placed on almost any surface.

CCTV Video Surveillance Setup

We deliver world-class security camera systems installed by expert security camera system installers for the greatest home protection. We’ve spent years creating, designing, and implementing sophisticated CCTV systems.

Commercial AV Installation

Network Maintenance

Network maintenance means doing everything it takes to keep a network up and running, which includes a wide range of tasks such as debugging network faults. With this service, we will help you take control and learn to properly take care of your tech equipment.

Conference Room Audio Video Setup

Encourage meetings in your company by creating a great conference room where plans and productivity begins.

Teleconferencing Solutions

Leave to us your teleconferencing problems and we will provide you with the solutions. Any technology that allows you to communicate verbally in real-time with someone or a group of people who are not in the same location is referred to as a teleconferencing solution.

Church Audio Video Setup

Execute better sermons and mass with high-quality audio and visual equipment that every church needs. As well as live streams and music and speech navigators.

CCTV Video Surveillance Setup

Guard your business by our offered commercial CCTV video surveillance. By carefully placing CCTV cameras throughout your company’s working area, you may help prevent

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Don’t make modern life complicated. With our service, modern technology in your house and business is just within the reach of your hands. Contact us now at (862) 280-0304 or give us a visit at 277 Franklin St Bloomfield, New Jersey 07003.

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